Work Spring Cleaning

I read in the news yesterday that LinkedIn was giving their employees a week off to prevent burnout. When I read that, I immediately started to fantasize about being off next week. Why? Because I, too, am feeling the effects of burnout.

I debated writing this post today because I want to do absolutely nothing today. I was planning to relax and enjoy my weekend. But, I needed to open my laptop to do something else, and it compelled me to write this.

I admit this is a problem.

Last weekend I received my second dose of the covid vaccine, and I secretly hoped that I would be down for 24-hours and not feel compelled to do anything. Much to my surprise, it ended up being 72-hours. It was lovely, but I shouldn’t have to be sick to feel good about taking that time for myself or my family.

In the past two weeks, every meeting I have been in is the same thing all around. People are exhausted. Q1 was a slog; the weather is improving; kids are on spring break; I need a massive vacation. These little admissions that we all need some help right now shouldn’t go unnoticed by ourselves or our employers.

However, even though people need a break, I think we all collectively need a break like LinkedIn. One where everything is shut down for a week, so you don’t feel like you have to join that meeting, respond to that email, or jump on slack even though you are trying to enjoy time away from work.

The company I work for gives us a week like this at the end of every year, and I relish it. When I log back in, in January, my inbox is just as empty as I left it, and I feel refreshed and excited about getting back to work. It’s one of the most significant benefits of working for this company.

When I log back in on Monday, I will be dreaming of a LinkedIn type of vacation. But since I will be working, it will also be a good time to recalibrate my working ways to reduce my stress and be more efficient—a work-life balance spring cleaning.

Published by April Lee Uzarski

Pittsburgh-based lover of adventure, and anything fun.

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