Looking to 2021

As a community manager, 2020 was busy, tiring, overwhelming, and never-ending. Despite the exhaustion, my job buoyed me in 2020 as our team accomplished many things that were not on our roadmap, and it proved how agile and resilient we are.

Documentation is where I failed in 2020. I learned so much as a CM this year but didn’t have time to jot it all down or even update this blog. My goal in 2021 is to document those 2020 lessons here on a regular cadence and start keeping track of 2021 learnings. There is so much to share, and I need to get to it.

As we head into the end of 2020, I feel nervous and excited about things to come. Even if 2021 feels like a blank slate, we will be dragging most of what was awful about this past year into the new year with us. Our local, national, and international communities will continue to remain stressed well into 2021. However, we will continue to have an opportunity to look back at what wasn’t working in our communities and find the strength to repair and build better, more resilient communities.

Hopefully, everyone gets some rest as the year ends. I am excited to spring into 2021, ready for everything it may throw my way!

Published by April Lee Uzarski

Pittsburgh-based lover of adventure, and anything fun.

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