Work Spring Cleaning

I read in the news yesterday that LinkedIn was giving their employees a week off to prevent burnout. When I read that, I immediately started to fantasize about being off next week. Why? Because I, too, am feeling the effects of burnout.

I debated writing this post today because I want to do absolutely nothing today. I was planning to relax and enjoy my weekend. But, I needed to open my laptop to do something else, and it compelled me to write this.

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Culture Cores

Culture is a big topic in my company right now, and it’s something I think about every day in my work as a community manager. Many of our employees see my team’s function as the creators of company culture, but I often refute that notion because everyone should own it. However, I love that they understand the function I work in adds a lot to our company culture. 

I am currently reading People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams by Jono Bacon, who is a leader in the community industry. The book is excellent so far, and I will post a full review when I finish, but today I wanted to share 10-culture cores Jono shared in his book:

  1. Be open
  2. Be pragmatic
  3. Be personal
  4. Be positive
  5. Be collaborative
  6. Be a leader
  7. Be a role model
  8. Be empathetic
  9. Be down to earth
  10. Be imperfect

I feel like our community and learning team does an excellent job of hitting these cores. It’s always nice to read something from an expert and realize that your team is on the right path! But what’s even better is when we lead with these cores, and our community recognizes it. 

We needed to roll out a community program this month that wasn’t 100% ready. The communications around it explained why it wasn’t perfect (be imperfect) and when the members could expect improved updates. We got many “thank you’s” from community members saying it says so much about our culture that we decided to think about our member’s needs over perfection and prioritized launching. It felt good to lead by example and get noticed for it. 

It’s been a long week, and I can’t eke out more words on this page. So I hope you found some inspiration here today! Happy Spring to those in the northern hemisphere. 

WFH Anniversary Reflection

March 5 was my pandemic WFH anniversary. :celebrate:

My community manager role was very much an in-person role before the pandemic. However, I learned more in this past year about managing community than I did when I was in-person. 

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Book Recommendation: The 10-Day MBA

The 10-Day MBA

Last week, I finished The 10-Day MBA, written by Steven Silbiger, and I would recommend it for anyone working in a community job in the for-profit world. Adrian Speyer recommended it last year on a webinar hosted by Vanilla Forums saying the book helps cms understand the jargon and businesses to become more successful in a community role. 

The bottom line of why I am recommending this book: It helped me better understand my stakeholders’ decisions around my function and our community, and it gave me tactics around being more business-minded when planning, budgeting, and running our community. 

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Working Cycles

3:00 PM Walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Before working remotely, I never considered optimal cycles of working. My commute, meetings, and community events dictated how my day went. Community management requires a lot of context switching, which only adds to the complexity of my day.

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Taking My Own Advice

Folks who manage community or engagement in an organization often have to give lots of advice. I am frequently asked to provide guidance around best practices, engaging teams, and strategic communication. Sometimes I have the answer, and sometimes I don’t.

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Lessons from 2020: Protecting My Time

Setting work boundaries pre-2020 was not my forte. Being thrown into a pandemic that forced me to work from home helped me see the damage my lack of boundaries was causing, and I was able to course correct my behavior.

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